Animal Sketching par Alexander Calder

Animal Sketching par Alexander Calder

Titre de livre: Animal Sketching

Auteur: Alexander Calder

ISBN: 2916275533

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Alexander Calder avec Animal Sketching

"Animal Sketching" was Alexander Calder's first book, published in New York in 1926 shortly before he left for France. It is a study of about ten animals and their movements, illustrated by numerous drawings, and with short commentaries by Calder on individual species and on problems of caricature, action and pose (or lack thereof). "Animal Sketching" also provides some insight into his ingenious sculptural work, foreshadowing as it does his famous Miniature Circus of 1927, in which these animals achieved full dimensionality. Following the Whitney Museum's 2008 exhibit on Calder's Paris years, Éditions Dilecta here provides a facsimile of a foundational publication by one of America's most beloved artists. This edition adds a postface by Arnauld Pierre, Calder expert and member of the Calder Foundation board. Beautifully and modestly designed, "Animal Sketching" is a giftworthy gem that will tickle adults and children alike.