Big Mother Vol. 2 par Sam Vanallemeersch

Big Mother Vol. 2 par Sam Vanallemeersch

Titre de livre: Big Mother Vol. 2

Auteur: Sam Vanallemeersch

Broché: 24 pages

Date de sortie: January 20, 2012

ISBN: 1907704299

Éditeur: Nobrow Ltd

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Sam Vanallemeersch avec Big Mother Vol. 2

Call him Kolchoz or call him Sovchov, either way it all leads back to the same man. Sam Vanallemeersch is an artist with a split personality. On one side he arranges and rearranges shape and form meticulously until all the colours, shapes and subjects balance, taking on a life of their own, while his other, darker side does just the opposite. A hurricane of scratching and scribbling with nothing but paper, pen and intuition, Vanallemeersch has the deft hand of a young spatially aware Ralph Steadman and an unravelling subconscious.